11 Secrets to Manage Projects and Remain Stress-Free

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Language Englsih
Binding Paperback
Pages 112
ISBN-10 819690410X
ISBN-13 978-8196904104
Book Dimensions 5.5" x 8.5"
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2024
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Author: Sushil Gupta

Project management is demanding, and delivering projects effectively and without stress can feel impossible due to tight timelines and high demands. By implementing effective communication, punctuality, setting achievable yet challenging goals, stress management, prioritization, problem-solving techniques, and a positive mindset, every strategy serves as a stepping stone toward a more organized, efficient, and stress-free project management experience. The Book “11 Secrets to Manage Projects and Remain Stress-Free” describes the approaches and techniques to be adopted for personnel transformation, developing inner strength, increasing productivity, and effective management by being more organized, more focused. As you begin this journey, be ready to be enlightened, challenged, and inspired. The secrets contained in these pages are not just mere tools; they are the keys to unlocking a new paradigm of project management. In this new paradigm, success is not only measured by the deliverables but also by the peace of mind of those who are managing the projects.This book is specifically for Entrepreneurs, Managers, and Students. What you learn here. Creating a Healthier working environment. Completing all work on time and enjoying life. Better relationship. Self-discipline- to turn your dreams into reality. Positive thinking and affirmation. How to recharge your mind. Increase inner power. Problem-solving techniques Effective communication. How to manage stress This self-improvement book is one of the most promising things that you can gift to yourself or your loved ones. One can get the best out of oneself. The author believes that people possess a wealth of knowledge but lack the necessary tools to implement it effectively. That is the reason why the Author tried to keep this book very simple and did not mention complicated steps or procedures. so that readers get some value from this book.





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