Approaches into Indian History and Cultural Heritage

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Author: Guptajit Pathak

India has a prolong history of diversifying culture and social developments in a syncretic way. From the earliest time of Indian history the Indian people have diverse historical, traditional, spiritual, artistic, ideological and philosophical sphere. But there is always an underlying tune of unity among these diverse elements of the country. Every society is the cradle of every nation. The flourishment of a society is based on its multicolored as well as multidimensional forms of economy, culture, religion, folklore, folktales, festivals, and different traditions. India is not an exception. In this present volume there are 13 research papers and articles depicting these multi layered facets of Indian society and culture from a developmental perspective. Here, we have glimpses of the changing trends in Indian Sculpture towards Modernism, Marwaris and a study of gender dynamics in colonial Bengal, Gotipua- a unique dance form of Odisha, the anionic cult of Lord Shiva, ICT in Teaching Learning, Spread of Indigenous Higher Education in Hooghly via Hooghly Mohosin College, West Bengal, An Ethnographical Study on Santhal in West Bengal, Introspection on Gender from Multi Aspects in Sunderban, Noncooperation movement on the tea garden labourers of Assam, Attributes of Snake Worship in India and its impact on the socioreligious and cultural aspects of the society, The Cult of Sona Ray: A Study of the Agricultural Worship of Koch Rajbangshi Community, Cultural and Humanistic perspectives of Sankardev Than, Tribal folklore and cultural aspects of Chitadarchak Missing village. This is an excellent combination of various papers and articles from all parts of the country highlighting Unity in Diversity, the basic tune of the society and culture of India.





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