Guide To A Purposeful Life

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 156
ISBN-10 9394369651
ISBN-13 978-9394369658
Book Dimensions 5.50 x 8.50 in
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2022
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Author: Thakur Shailendra Nath

For a peaceful and fulfilling life, we must activate our intellect to keep the external attractions at bay, withdraw and stay centred much like that tortoise withdrawing its limbs. In the hare and tortoise race, tortoise wins the race. This story has deep spiritual significance and each of immense learning value. After all life too is race in which all of us have to participate. The human mind is like hare, -fast, Swift, impulsive. It creates mental agitations. The ongoing rumbling of thoughts saps us of our psychic energy, living us feeling exhausted. Depending upon individual psyche, it may lead to disgusting, disappointment and even depression to extend that a person may feel defeated in life much like the hair lost the race, with the attributes of a of hair, one is most likely to lose in the lives race. On the other hand, with the tortoise like attributes, one can aspire to be a winner. Tortoise has a hard shell that keeps it protected. The human intellect is like that shell. Because of its logical and objective thinking, it keeps away from temptations of the materialistic world and taking emotional decisions. Our senses are powerful enough to push towards external attractions leading to misery and sorrow.



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