History of Indian Painting Part-1

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Binding Paperback
Pages 277
ISBN-10 9394369503
ISBN-13 978-9394369504
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Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2022
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Author: Dr. Shyam Bihari Agrawal

Indian civilization is very alive and ancient. The art and culture of this country has established the unity of oriental civilization down the centuries. Here spiritualism, religion, imagination and art have been recognized as constituent factors of social harmony. That is why the religious reform and reawakening movement have spread beyond the frontiers of India and painting has been their chief harbinger. The impact of Indian art and philosophy along with their successive developments can be very easily perceived on the art and philosophy of the entire Asian continent from Bactria to Cambodia and from Japan to Java. The liveliness and humanism of the Indian art have made it universal and conducive to the entire mankind. Ancient Indian painting has been analysed in this book in this very context. The principle of painting propounded by Vedic seers and inherent in Indian art has been expounded here from the point view of artist and every effort has been made to make it more and more useful by providing a brief introduction to ancient painting of Asia especially of China and Japan seen in the light of Indian painting. We can thus be in a position to revaluate our glorious past. With this end in view this aspect of Indian art History has been analyzed here in.



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