Human Rights Under The Constitution Of India

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Author: A.R. PradhanDr. Rashmi

Human Rights is an inherent rights of a human being, it is automatically transfer one generation to another generation without any instruments. These rights are found similarity between the Indian fundamental Rights. The firs0t time emperor Hamu Rabi was delivered human rights to his peasants in the world. So the human rights have been developed from that period in the world. After 1945 formation of Unitary Nations Organization the series of convention were held to protect the Human rights Like UDHR, ICCPR, and ICC. These milestone conventions were gives protection to the citizen and people of the world. When we talk about Indian constitution lots of provision founds which are similar to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other convention. Whereas the fundamental rights are safeguard to the rights of the citizen but on the other hand UDHR provides fundamental Rights to all. I would like to share what led me to edited this book in the year 2018 I was posted in Imamul Hai Khan law college, Management had to prepare conducting national seminar at that time no faculty were taken to risk for organizing the Seminar. Finally, secretary Dr. Raees Ahmad Khan told to me for conducting national seminar unfortunately I was agreed to prepared Roadmap to conducting Seminar and finally we got success. We had already decided the topic “New dimension of Environment.” After preparing the Budgetary and Brochure we were looking chief guest and finally we met Justice Ratnakar Bhengra honorable justice of Jharkhand High Court he was suggested to conduct seminar on “Human Rights under the Constitution of India” As per his suggestion we have conducted national Seminar and got success. There after I was left the college and Joined Radha Govind University as an assistant professor. One day we were walked from administrative Building to class room I told to Dr. Rashmi head of Sociology that we would circulate a brochure for collecting articles and we have finally Circulated in 20





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