In The Name of Love

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 74
ISBN-10 9389984009
ISBN-13 9789389984002
Book Weight 98 gm
Book Dimensions 5.5" x 8.5"
Publishing Year 2020
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Author: Vikrant Kumar

Sometimes I think about the news paper clip which I came across in the summer of 2010, the news paper clip was about the contract killers who were being used by the Mumbai underworld to spill a lot of bad blood. Soon I was reading a lot about the contract killers and came to a conclusion that killing people for money was their way of earning their living, and only the best survives in this field. And that is how my first story ‘A Clean Hit,’ came into existence and gained a lot of positive and negative criticism. After this story I wrote a number of stories based on the true crimes. It was the beginning of my literary journey. ‘In The Name Of Love,’ is also based on a true crime which took place a few years ago at a shopping mall in my hometown. A beautiful woman was teased physically by a khadi clad degenerated politician and when her husband intervened, he was beaten by the henchmen of that politician. Later the security guards saved that poor man but the damage was done and I was forced to think that how a powerful man can destroy the happy life of any ordinary family.





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200 170