Kuchh Naqsh Kaghazon Par (कुछ नक़्श कागज़ों पर)

Language Hindi
Binding Paperback & Hard Bound
Pages 230
ISBN-10 9389984734 (Paperback)
9389984858 (Hard Bound)
ISBN-13 978-9389984736 (Paperback)
978-9389984859 (Hard Bound)
Book Dimensions 5.50" x 8.50"
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2023
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Author: Jasdeep Singh

About the author Jasdeep Singh, an alumnus of Delhi University, is a bureaucrat, writer, and poet. He has been a member of the Indian Revenue Service since 1993 and is presently serving as Principal Commissioner in Mumbai. He also served as a special advisor to Swaziland for international taxation under the joint initiative of OECD and UNDP known as Tax Inspectors without borders (TIWB). Throughout his 30-year career, he has handled various challenging assignments, such as search and seizure operations in Kashmir, tax evasion scams, Transfer pricing matters, application of information technology, vigilance, and administrative affairs. About the book “Kuchh Naqsh Kagzon Par,” (some imprints on paper) – a collection of lyrical expressions that celebrate poetry’s ability to communicate emotions and forge connections. Poems are published in devnagari script though the language is very much Hindustani.The poet highlights the true essence of communication as the resonance between two individuals sharing the same emotions and frequencies, an aspect found in poetry. These poems serve as a rhythmic reflection of the heart, stimulating various feelings, from agitation to solace, and offering a direct line to the soul. The poems touch on societal issues and expose the hypocrisy within, while also delving into the essence of romance tainted by societal divisions.The collection is divided into four sections, each representing different emotions and experiences: Chand baatein Khud se – introspection, Chand Baatein Quom se -societal observations, Chand baatein roomani – romance, and Chand falsafe zindagi ke -life lessons. The poet conveys emotions with depth and insight. Ultimately, readers are invited to explore and immerse themselves in this world of emotional expression through poetry.



Hard Bound, Paperback


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