Lost and Found Memories

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 50
ISBN-10 9394369740
ISBN-13 978-9394369740
Book Dimensions 5.50 x 8.50 in
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2023
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Author: Maulik Vasan

Before you enter into my fantasy world I request you to read this. As a pet lover I always used to think that animals also have feelings and expressions to share. How they live in their world? Love for them and to know more about them, I created this imaginary world of cats. It’s a story of a cat named “VYNX” who lost his memories and faced so many twists and turns to memorize his old life. Let’s read together to know more about “VYNX”. Now as you picked this book and want to come along in my imagination. For which I am very grateful to you all and hope that I live up to your expectations. So fasten your seat-belts and come with me in this imaginary world. “Thanks and regards to all the Readers”



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120 102