Magic of The Nomad {Tilsam-E-Khanebadosh}

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 102
ISBN-10 9394369260
ISBN-13 978-9394369269
Book Weight 300 g
Book Dimensions 5.5" x 8.5"
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2022
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Author: Jawahar Lal Raina

Story about human desire, ambition and search for El Dorado-dreamland. The protagonist of the story has been tempted by the story of a falcon-that remains hidden within the dense foliage of the legendary tree- which is cactus in shape, Chinar-like in size, banyan like in nature, with its roots as much below ground as above. The story that ‘falcon’ isn’t easy to find, but if it perches on shoulder of some lucky person, his forturne is assured. The protagonist seeks the advice of philosophers, and scholars, and blessings from saints and fakirs. After all that he traverses the difficult path and reaches near the “tree”. On seeing” the tree, he is awestruck and stays back for some time, not being able to decide whether to go near or not. When he finally resolves to make the effort, it takes him almost no time to reach the tree. But once he tries to lean against the tree, there was nothing, but a pile of dust and rubbish on the ground, but no tree. In his shock he finds a shabby crow on the pile of dust, who “addresses” and asks him to help him in quenching its thirst.





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