Practical Lab Manual Engineering Prorerties Of Food And Dairy Products

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Language English
Binding Hard Bound
Pages 60
ISBN-10 9389984890
ISBN-13 978-9389984897
Book Dimensions 7.51" x 10.43"
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2023
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Author: Er. Mukul Sain

The food and dairy processing sector have seen tremendous growth these days, and food quality and safety aspects have become pertinent like never before. In this context, production and processing lines that ensure superior quality are preferable, and several highly sophisticated food processing types of equipment are conquering the market. In order to design any food processing equipment, basic knowledge about the physical and engineering properties of food products is inevitable. By foreseeing the remarkable scope of the dairy and food industries, many students are opting for food and dairy as their career options. Engineering properties are an umbrella, and under this, physical, mechanical, frictional, rheological, aerodynamic, hydrodynamic, electrical, and optical properties are integrated. Basic information on these properties would help with efficient processing and equipment development.



Hard Bound


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