Regaining The Unlost

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 316
ISBN-10 9390889227
ISBN-13 978-9390889228
Book Weight 369 gm
Book Dimensions 5.5" x 8.5"
Publishing Year 2021
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Author: R M Prabhulinga Shastry

Spiritually “S’HE'” is keeping alertness To be “S’HE'” from time immemorial. Mentally “WO’MAN'” has been worshipping ‘MAN’ to retaining Herness as to be S’HE’. Physically “FE’MALE'” is being dominated By ‘MALE’ but is struggling to be HU’MAN’. From time immemorial Human being kind is suffering from the bondage which in’t visible but understood. Several schools of thoughts have been brought out in this regard to learn what it would be. Several Theoreticians have sincerely studied the reasons lie behind the bondage. Each and Every Theoretician, undoubtedly has reached such a stage. But not a particular Theoretician has reached the Ultimate stage. The same thing has been happened in the East and in the West also. But in the East there are the envisioners who had envisioned the Thing. It can be understood that the Thing which is envisioned couldn’t be defined but can be understood that Thing only exists from Beginningless to Endlessness. This Thing, which couldn’t be defined as the Matter or The Energy or The Subject would be many as well as One. It is strange to note that this One is not actually a number or a figure. It might be addressed as Zero. From this Zero only all which, exist and continue, merge in that Zero. It is very strange to note that all which are in existence are not separated from Zero. This Zero has been envisioned by the Indians, has been studied by the Indians is being preached by the Indians who have ultimately reached the reason which reveals what is the bondage and how to get emancipated from that bondage. This is the Indian thought which has been debated by a Female Human being and a Male human being to get free from ‘Human’, ‘Male’, ‘Female’ and ‘ing’ ultimately to be as ‘BE’ which stands for Zero.





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195 166