Shades & Shadows

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Language English
Binding Hard Bound
ISBN-10 9389984246
ISBN-13 9789389984248
Book Weight 250 gm
Book Dimensions 5.50"x 8.50"
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2020
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Author: Mushtaque B Barq

A daily walk across its beds early in the lovely morning and the roaming at deepening dusk in the backwater channels efficiently was a standard routine. From this side of the historic bridge up to Zadibal and the other side up to Anchar, the two logical extremes of my typical childhood. The possible world was voluntarily limited to these extremes, and I often failed to accurately locate my civilized world on the mighty globe whenever my teacher popularly used to convey it in the class. The globe in the class was too little to register the two ultimate ends of my childhood. Never in those days, was the world beyond the poles of my miniature world. Functional limitations may throttle the brilliant mind, but then limitations lavishly bestow you with elevated concentration.



Hard Bound


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300 255