Sorority (Novel)

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 285
ISBN-10 9362102285
ISBN-13 978-9362102287
Book Dimensions 5.50 x 8.50 in
Edition 1st
Publishing Year 2023
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Author: Vien Singh

“Drinks later, right now I have something very important to ask you,” He was quite sure she would accept his proposal. Their love making had been better than spectacular. She would start to moan even before he touched her. The moment he was inside, she turned into a wildcat. That was what made her so special. He could never tolerate listless partners. Women who lay back and expected him to do all the work. They bored the shit out of him. Marsha was inventive, she was equally proficient in the saddle as she was on her back. “Please come here, sit on my knee. I have something to ask you.” She made herself comfortable, once again she was not wearing her knickers. Mike was unable to control his erection. His penis, had a mind of its own. “Yes darling,” she snuggled into him, moving her bottom, searching, desperate to feel his response. “Will you marry me?” He asked. “I cannot get down on my knees, as they are occupied.”



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450 383