Stories in Khaki & Other Colours

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 202
ISBN-10 8188908177
ISBN-13 9788188908172
Book Weight 315 gm
Book Dimensions 5.5" x 8.5"
Publishing Year 2018
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Author: K C Verma

Another charming anthology of short stories by the retired policeman K.C.Verma. The Stories in Khaki & Other Colours belong to many genres, offering a delightful bouquet of moods. The author displays his virtuosity in the collection, from the narration of amusing incidents to a perplexing science fiction tale. The extraordinary stories about the lives of ordinary people and the not so ordinary is a paean to life itself. Shashi Tharoor says… In crisp and often irreverent prose, KC Verma’s collection offers in sightful glimpses into the lives of everyday Indians, their aspirations, triumphs, and tragedies – all evoked in simple, lucid prose, with the sharp eye of a trained policeman and the flair of a born raconteur. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Indra Sinha (Author) says… ‘Stories in Khaki and Other Colours’ are full of characters not easily forgotten, observed with care and concern and sometimes even tenderness. (K C Verma) notices everything. (He) gathers his evidence carefully and lays it out in quirky but telling observations of people facing the foibles and frustrations of life at every level and in every corner of society. Ashok Mahadevan (Editor) says… K.C. Verma’s latest book of short stories is a pleasant reminder of how well this former policeman writes and how thoroughly grounded he is in the lives of ordinary Indians, no matter what their class.



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