The Power of “Q” Analyse Youth Life Score and Assess Forthcoming Life

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 106
ISBN-10 9390889782
ISBN-13 9789390889785
Book Weight 200 gm
Book Dimensions 5.5"x8.5"
Publishing Year 2021
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Author: Dinesh Sahay

Award-winning Author for bestselling book: “Can I Create What Stars Can’t Foretell? Dinesh Sahay, an Award- Winning Author, the author has written 11 books and one audiobook in which 6 are in English, 3 in Hindi, one each in Tamil and in Bengali languages (translated versions of his bestseller English book). Author of the bestseller book, “Can I Create What Star Can’t Foretell?” on the #6th spot at Amazon Kindle store. The Author, Dinesh Sahay (BSc, CBIM), a Marketing professional served as ex.GM, DM in many companies in India. He was born in Jhansi Uttar Pradesh and lived in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh India with his father, mother, elder brother and a sister in Gwalior Madhya Pradesh India where he worked in J B Mangharam Factory, a biscuits & chocolate factory in Gwalior MP India being a Mechanical Engineer. He later shifted to Kanpur where he served in Muir Mills and State Government service. Grandfather was Courtier in the Maharaja Scindhiya Kingdom Gwalior MP India, later established an Ashram in Gwalior (Gajra Raja Apang Ashram for physically handicapped and people with chronic illnesses). Author, Dinesh Sahay, during the service period, guided many of his members, clients, distributors, dealers and many about his program for positive creation in life with great success (which includes businesses, finances, etc. With vast practical experience in the Art of Creation, he started a program “Make Your Dreams Come True” and “Enlighten the Lamp of your Fortune” program in 2003, through blogs and social media. He interacted with members online. He distributed his program as a digital book through emails to members and on social media.



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