The Shape Runner

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Language English
Binding Paperback
Pages 36
ISBN-10 9390889812
ISBN-13 9789390889815
Book Weight 150 gm
Book Dimensions 23.39 x 0.25 x 23.7 cm
Publishing Year 2021
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Author: Dr. Manjit Legha

Shapes have always fascinated children. Why are wheels round and windows rectangular ? What if windows were round and wheels rectangular ? A young boy called Abdul has a million questions popping up in his mind as he travels to school ,when a curious Genie happens to sight him. Who is this Genie ? This time around, Manjit Legha weaves an exciting tale around all kinds of shapely questions running around in Abdul’s head, supported by beautiful illustrations by Nirupama Viswanath. The Shape Runner is an exciting story that talks about the Curiosity Quotient so inherent in children. Should we be answering all their questions or should we leave them to find some answers on their own ?





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299 254